Sunset, AcroYoga, and Love in the desert. 💕

I never thought I would go to Burning Man .. being as sensitive as I am I had so many fears about the harsh climate .. the heat, dust, and wind. I had fears about over-stimulation with all of the lights, the people, and the constant sounds. I was afraid of everything about it.

I am happy to say that I decided to go this year and that all of my fears disappeared. I was relaxed and open. I explored, I connected, and I went with the flow. I had an amazing time!

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I saw this beautiful rose displayed in a vase of water.. it was lovely.20130214-230856.jpg

In honor of Valentines Day, my beloved and I went to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. As usual, the food was delicious but something about the place was different.

The whole experience was psychedelic. We watched as the wait staff dropped glasses, spilled dishes, forgot orders, ran into each other, and literally bumbled around the restaurant. Every once in a while someone would say something to us and we couldn’t understand a word of it.

Whatever the case we had some good laughs and a lovely dinner.

To Love and my Beloved!