2 thoughts on “Photography

  1. Hi Rachel! I m writing you because I d like to use one of your acroyoga photos in a magazzine I design. Its an internal magazzine which we distribute only to people who works in the company, it is not for a comercial use, just for motivational purposes. Most of the company members are young people, between 20 and 40 years old. And we are developing an article about acroyoga. I think your photo is beautiful and inspiring. I d like to illustrate the text with it. Jus let me know if I could do that, of course adressing your name. Thank you very much. Regards from Argentina. Lucy.

    • Hi Lucy! Yes you are welcome to use one of my photos. I would appreciate photo credit and perhaps you can even send me a copy of the magazine (or the article). I’d love to see it. 🙂

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