My Yoga Journal


[photo by nina hilario]

Day 1 : Deep Healing Yoga with Bhava Ram @ Ginseng : Wow.. so grateful for this class. Inhale and Release!

Day 2 : Deep Healing Yoga with Bhava Ram @ Ginseng : Om Shanti.


Handstands with Jean- Luc @ Aerial Revolution : Building endurance


Day 3 : Deep Healing Yoga with Bhava Ram @ Ginseng : Observation and moving outward.

Day 4 : Deep Healing Yoga with Bhava Ram @ Ginseng : I don’t think it’s mere coincidence that construction workers were hired to tear up the street corner at which Ginseng Yoga Studio sits the very week I decide to commit myself to a yoga and movement schedule that will help me to break up the blockages and push out the stagnation in my body to create space for new growth, healing, and strength : This is perfect.


Handstand Training with Jean-Luc @ Aerial Revolution : I am strong.

Day 5 : Bheemashakti Yoga with Jonathon Patriarca @ Ginseng : Building strength and endurance.

Electric Daisy Carnival Magic Moments

I feel grateful to have been part of such a big and happening festival in Las Vegas. I was there, not to party, but to entertain and in between sets I found so much magic “behind the scenes”, interacting with other performers, seeing them come and go, put makeup on and take makeup off. It was fascinating!

Here’s a collection of some of my favorite moments :

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