Jin Shin Acutouch

Compassionate Spirit penetrating through touch… and the Tai Chi of healing.

Jin Shin Acutouch provides a glimpse into ancient concepts of healing touch and a connection to our present day lives. It is thought to be the “Mother of All Healing Arts” and is a gentle system of laying hands on the body in specific patterns.

Jin Shin Acutouch integrates and soothes the mind, body, emotions and spirit. The purpose of this gentle, healing touch is to remove stagnation and blockages and to activate the body’s own healing response, restoring it to a balanced state, similar to the way acupuncture works.

Jin Shin Acutouch uses 26 major points or vortices on each side of the body and 9 chakras or vortexes at the center of the body to affect its natural state, bringing it into balance. The 26 points are thought to be the keys to the mysteries of life. The chakras, kundalini and energy meridians are an integral part of this system.

This sacred healing art was rediscovered in the Shinto Temples of Japan by Master Jiro Murai in 1912. He named the Art, Jin Shin Jyutsu. His in-depth study of the system led to a recognition that a rich blend of the subtle energies of East India, Tibet, China, and Japan are blended within the system. He donated his findings to the Imperial Library in Japan. His findings are the foundational core of Jin Shin Acutouch. Murai’s student, Mary Burmeister, brought the system to America and left this gift of healing touch as her legacy.

This system is thought to have been brought by monks to Japan through the southern trade routes of Asia as sacred knowledge of East India, Tibet, and China. Portions of this Art were buried in the temples of Asia in an effort to keep this treasured knowledge secret and intact.

Jin Shin Acutouch suggests that the human body is instrumental in uncovering life’s mysteries. It assumes that the mystical language of the universe is spoken through the microcosm of the human body.

In other words…

the human being is
a direct reflection
of the universe.

Jin Shin Acutouch is a dynamic method of touch with a rich spiritual philosophy. The notion that the body is a mirror of the universe, leads to an awareness that physical experiences and sensations can lead to enlightenment.

Jin Shin Acutouch allows for the spirituality of all cultures, while demonstrating the interdependence of man and nature. By aligning ourselves with nature, with the rhythms of the forests, mountains and water, our body becomes a vessel of spirituality which can be expressed according to our own religious inclination. It is a non-denominational healing touch. It is thought to be the “people’s medicine”, a forerunner of all natural healing arts and folk medicine.

Jin Shin Acutouch is a gift of the body and is as ancient as all humanity. This subtle, gentle healing touch developed naturally in an effort to lift the spirit and heal pain. Anything there is to be known can be found by looking within ourselves.

Barbara Clark developed Jin Shin Acuotuch as a result of her in-depth study of Asian healing Arts which led her to realize the ancient wisdom buried within the system. This study includes Taoist Philosophy, Qi Gong, Tui Na, Shiatsu, Thailand Massage and specifically Jin Shin Jyutsu.

60 min $90
75 min $105
90 min $120
120 min $160

To schedule a session send an email to racheldragonfly@me.com

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