Inspiring Project of the Day

Creating a self sustainable fish community!

fish~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Today my brother helped me introduce new plant and animal life to my little aquarium. Aside from some lovely new plants, we added Ghost Shrimp, Mystery Snails, and some other little snails. Still looking for a Fiddler Crab to add to the bunch!

Moving Forward

Nearing one week of 3 new daily practices and already I see positive changes happening in my life!

I am beginning each day with Sadhana; pranayama and yoga. I started with 10 rounds of Nadi shodhana and 5-10 minutes of yoga. Each day I find myself inspired to practice longer and to move deeper into the practice. I moved my practice from my living room to the practice room, from the rug to a yoga mat.

I have also joined a YAR (You Are Responsible) group and will, for 5 weeks, journal each day about my success and challenges in treating others how I like to be treated. We have a community page that we use to post our journal entries. It’s quite an interesting experience so far. I am becoming more aware of how my emotional and mental states have an energetic effect on the words that I use to communicate. I expect to learn many great things about myself and my methods of communication through this exercise.

My 3rd practice is a meditation offered to me by my beloved to help me to learn to digest “negative” energy that I take in from the people around me and transform it into compassion. I sit in silent meditation for 20 minutes each day. So far my mind wanders fairly quickly. I tend to think about a yoga flow that I’m practicing for a class I’ll be teaching in February. I’m not making a great effort to move my focus back to the meditation. It feels like it will happen naturally and my mind is wandering to a good place.

As a result of the introduction of these new practices I am feeling more inspired to spend time in my garden as well as the communal spaces at my home. I am motivated to attend every Deep Healing Yoga class that my schedule allows. I am breathing deeper and fuller throughout the day. I am less annoyed by my cat, Jeffrey and more connected to my partner and I feel more confidence when I teach.

Aho! agaveplant