this foundation : it crumbles

a foundation was built beneath her

strong and steady

reliable and safe

and then she saw that the foundation

which held her up was not her own

and she desired to fly away

to see if she could create

a foundation of her own

but she found it wasn’t an easy flight

for the other foundation first must crumble

beneath her feet

suddenly she finds herself floating

lost without the ground she’s known for so long

watching the pillars fall

tears streaming their way down the walls

of a broken heart

a spirit crushed by the weight of her requests

a man changed by her inability

to speak her truth

all he wanted was a fuck yes

and all she could give him was

i don’t know


and not yet


photo by Jackie Dragon

Lovers in the Dust

A small collection of photos capturing that sweet moment between two lovers just before they kiss and that moment of connection that follows. I felt it appropriate to include myself and my partner, Jack, in this collection.. the photos of us were taken by our friend Courtney. ❤︎

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Deep Healing Yoga Retreat

❤ ❤ ❤

This Deep Healing Yoga Retreat is a deeply nourishing weekend retreat at Liberty Advance, a beautiful high desert retreat center one hour East of San Diego. Enjoy time in nature, deepen your yoga and meditation practice and learn techniques for creating a healthier and happier life.

May 19-21, 2017

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Small creatures

A few days ago I lost all of my photo  backups along with some other things that I love. It’s been a strange time.. working on letting go. Today I went out for a walk and found such joy in the little creatures around me. So strange and beautiful! It helped me to let go.. to forget about all of those photos that were awaiting publication, the projects left incomplete, and the memories which I’d captured. Starting fresh with some inspiration from nature.