Rachel Dragonfly : User Guide & Owner’s Manual

A guide to help me better understand myself. A place for reminders.. things that work and things that don’t.


Everyday things :

1 : Breathe in and breathe out.

2 : It is important to stop every once in a while to observe myself.

Tips to inspire creativity :

1 : Always charge the battery and clear the memory card BEFORE leaving the house. [this rule can be applied to both the camera and the body!]

2 : Remember.. no project is ever “finished”.

Interesting Observations of my Human Interactions :

1 : I look at and interact with people’s dogs more than I do with people.

2 : I don’t remember  your name. But I probably remember how you smell or what your shoes look like.

40 Day Challenge

Well, I’ve created a website.. a place for me to spill my thoughts and ideas and images onto the screen. An online journal of sorts. And already I’ve neglected it. So I’m assigning myself homework. For 40 days I will post something, anything, to my website every day. I started on April 21st so I will continue until May 31st.

I’m hoping to deepen my sense of self discipline as well as allow myself time each day to reflect on my experiences, to pull one thing, or many things, from my day that inspire me enough to create something from it.

40 days of inspiration!