Moving Forward

Nearing one week of 3 new daily practices and already I see positive changes happening in my life!

I am beginning each day with Sadhana; pranayama and yoga. I started with 10 rounds of Nadi shodhana and 5-10 minutes of yoga. Each day I find myself inspired to practice longer and to move deeper into the practice. I moved my practice from my living room to the practice room, from the rug to a yoga mat.

I have also joined a YAR (You Are Responsible) group and will, for 5 weeks, journal each day about my success and challenges in treating others how I like to be treated. We have a community page that we use to post our journal entries. It’s quite an interesting experience so far. I am becoming more aware of how my emotional and mental states have an energetic effect on the words that I use to communicate. I expect to learn many great things about myself and my methods of communication through this exercise.

My 3rd practice is a meditation offered to me by my beloved to help me to learn to digest “negative” energy that I take in from the people around me and transform it into compassion. I sit in silent meditation for 20 minutes each day. So far my mind wanders fairly quickly. I tend to think about a yoga flow that I’m practicing for a class I’ll be teaching in February. I’m not making a great effort to move my focus back to the meditation. It feels like it will happen naturally and my mind is wandering to a good place.

As a result of the introduction of these new practices I am feeling more inspired to spend time in my garden as well as the communal spaces at my home. I am motivated to attend every Deep Healing Yoga class that my schedule allows. I am breathing deeper and fuller throughout the day. I am less annoyed by my cat, Jeffrey and more connected to my partner and I feel more confidence when I teach.

Aho! agaveplant