Searching for Silence..

It’s a beautiful day in San Diego! I’m watching the city disappear, the landscape appearing to rush by me as myself and the train rush by it.

I’m headed to a retreat center just North of Joshua Tree where I will fully immerse myself in meditation for 10 days. I will be eating simple vegetarian meals, rising long before the sun to sit in stillness and experience myself, my thoughts, my mind and body, moving slowly through my day with others yet not speaking with others, and I will be far from any form of communication with the world in which I know.

I have no idea what to expect. I’ve never allowed myself the luxury of silence for such a great period of time. I’ve never sat in meditation without the everyday distractions, the patterns and habits which are so ingrained in me.

I am grateful for this opportunity to explore myself and to listen to my own wisdom. I know it’s there.