I went to IPSB’s 2012 graduation ceremony on Sunday. It was a small gathering. I arrived with a speech in hand which I had not ‘practiced’ for more than about 12 minutes since writing the thing. But I knew what to say. The speech was attached to a string that went straight into my heart. It would be hard to forget what that means.

My experience was interesting.. I was able to observe the physical changes happening in my body as I waited to give the speech, stood and spoke for 4 minutes, and waited again as the ceremony continued. As I sat through the opening ceremony I felt fairly calm but my throat was so dry it hurt and it was hard to swallow. Of all the times to forget a water bottle.. anyway, I thought I wasn’t going to be able to speak when the time came. My stomach was twisting in knots.

When I was called up to the podium I focused on my breath and moved slowly, with intention. It was uncomfortable up there. As I shared the speech I made sure to look at as many people as possible. I wanted to see them see and hear me. I wanted to speak to each of them.

After I was complete I returned to my seat and observed my body as it began to shake uncontrollably. I started to sweat and my body got cold. This went on for a good 8 minutes or so then began to return to normal. This is an improvement.

I’m grateful for the invitation to speak at the ceremony on behalf of the HHP graduating class. I learned many things about myself through the process of writing and presenting the speech. Although I have completed my program at the school, I am still learning. Every day I am learning and changing and growing.

Many thanks to IPSB.. the school, the teachings, and the people.


Congratulations to my fellow IPSB graduates! We are all destined to do great things.

sit down and listen.

In the garden of mystic lovers
these are not true distinctions.
There’s part of us
that’s like an itch
call it the animal soul
a foolishness
that when we’re in it
we make hundreds of others
around us
there is an intelligent soul
with another desire
more like sweet basil
or the feel of a breeze
and be thankful
even for scolding
that comes from the intelligent soul
it flows out closer to where you
flowed out
but that itchiness
wants to put food in our mouths
that will make us sick
feverish with the aftertaste
of kissing a donkey’s rump
it’s like blackening your robe
against the kettle
without being
anywhere near
a table of companionship
the truth of being human
is an empty table
made of soul intelligence
reduce what you give
your animal soul
the bread
that after all
from sunlight
the animal soul itself spilled out
and sprouted from the other
taste more often
what nourishes
your clear light
and you’ll  have less use for the smokey oven
you’ll bury that baking equipment
in the ground