Warriors for Healing at Yoga Journal LIVE!

The Warriors for Healing event at Yoga Journal LIVE! in San Diego was a great success!

More about Warriors for Healing..

I’m excited to be joining my inspirational teacher, Bhava Ram, in creating a movement that will offer FREE yoga and healing services to veterans suffering from PTSD. Warriors for Healing is raising funds to kickstart the foundation. Please join me! Go here to make a donation.

Proceeds raised by your efforts go directly to support programs produced by Give Back Yoga Foundation and Connected Warriors, both national foundations providing Yoga science and other healing services to our veterans and those suffering from PTSD. Your donations will also help Warriors for Healing grow this movement of selfless service, expand aweareness of the healing powers of yoga to a broader audience, and to hold more special fundraising events nationwide.

For every $100 raised we can provide one veteran the following package:

  • A thorough Mindful Yoga Therapy For Veterans Practice Guide with detailed explanations of yoga therapy, how yoga helps deal with PTSD, series of yoga postures with photos and illustrations, techniques for mindful breathing, meditation and affirmations, plus audio CDs for breath work and deep meditation. (Provided by Give Back Yoga Foundation)
  • Access to a list of complimentary yoga class for veterans in various states across the country. (Provided by Connected Warriors Foundation / availability subject to geographic location).
  • A PDF version of the highly acclaimed memoir Warrior Pose, How Yoga Literally Saved My Life, by former netwroks news war correspondent and W4H founder Bhava Ram. (provided by the Warriors for Healing Foundation)

Thoughts :

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