Master Cleanse : 10 Days of Discipline, Reflection, and Re-patterning

As I near the end of Day 2 of the Master Cleanse I’m feeling the need to take a look at my intentions. Why am I doing this crazy cleanse anyway? Here’s what I’ve come up with :

One : Self discipline. Let’s just say I’m lacking in this department. I’m 27 days into a [separate] 40 day challenge and proud to say I’m doing very well! But that challenge doesn’t involve my physical body.. this is where I’m in need of change. It’s time for ME to make the decisions!

Two : Reflection. I see this as a wonderful and potent opportunity for me to reflect on my body and mind, my emotions, my mental patterns, and all of those little things that bother me. Why am I the way that I am and what do I want to Change?

Three : I’m ready to break some habits. Although I live a pretty healthy lifestyle, I have a few habits that I’m observing are growing in strength. They’re not “bad” habits, necessarily, but they are beginning to control me. It’s time for me to De-program and Re-pattern!


And, of course there are the benefits of giving the digestive system a break and the body a chance to heal.

This is my second Master Cleanse challenge.. the first being nearly two years ago and lasting 6 days. This time I’m going for 10 full days followed by a gentle easing back into solid food supported by healthy probiotics, yoga, and meditation.

Biggest challenges so far : turning down delicious chai and beautiful homemade chocolate delicacies that were being served at a Kirtan gathering we hosted at our house last night, receiving an invitation to a birthday dinner at a fancy sushi restaurant, and this strange feeling inside my body.

Besides that I’m enjoying the experience. The lemonade mix tastes wonderful, I feel happy and relaxed, and my partner, Jack is joining me on the journey so I have someone close to share the experience with.

Thoughts :

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