Sunset, AcroYoga, and Love in the desert. šŸ’•

I never thought I would go to Burning Man .. being as sensitive as I am I had so many fears about the harsh climate .. the heat, dust, and wind. I had fears about over-stimulation with all of the lights, the people, and the constant sounds. I was afraid of everything about it.

I am happy to say that I decided to go this year and that all of my fears disappeared. I was relaxed and open. I explored, I connected, and I went with the flow. I had an amazing time!

I had the opportunity to teach Yoga at my camp every morning which helped me to remain grounded, clear, and connected to my own heart.

I played every day .. riding my bike through the desert, standing on my hands, and practicing acro with my beloved which kept me light and happy.

I am feeling so happy that I said yes to one of my greatest fears. And also happy to return home to my own bed and to my Deep Yoga classes at Ginseng Yoga. Settling back in and feeling good.

Thoughts :

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